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Join us for a summer of academic adventure at the Okanagan Global Summer Program—an exciting, interdisciplinary program that welcomes students from around the world to participate in a unique educational experience that blends academic discovery with personal and professional growth empowered by global perspectives. 

Course packages

The program offers five innovative course packages that draw on interdisciplinary perspectives and knowledge to solve issues of global significance, with students earning two UBC micro-credentials upon successful completion of the program.

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Designing the Future: Autonomous vehicles, automation and robotics

Discover the future of transportation in the 2024 Global Summer Program on Autonomous Vehicles, Automation, and Robotics. Delve into driverless technology, exploring sensors, perception, planning, control, and safety. Gain cutting-edge skills and be part of an innovation journey. Enroll now for a transformative learning experience and drive into the future of mobility! Learn about the technology used in smart manufacturing and get hands-on with industrial-grade production systems. You will learn how to design, implement, and test controller logic to automate common production tasks such as sorting, separating, quality assurance, part distribution, and assembly. These concepts are complimented with the technical communication skills needed to present your ideas to the innovation sector.

Courses included:

  1. Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics | School of Engineering
  2. Technical Communications | School of Engineering

Engineering for Crisis: User-centred design for real-world issues

Discover innovative ways to combat real world issues like the increase in wild fire through engineering principles of user-centered design, CAD and CAM programs and manufacturing. In this hands-on and practical application course, students will utilize programs like Solidworks and tools like 3D printing to create prototypes that provide functional solutions to modern day problems. These concepts are complimented with the technical communication skills needed to present your ideas to the innovation sector.

Courses included:

  • User-Centered Design, CAD/CAM & Manufacturing | School of Engineering
  • Technical Communications | School of Engineering

The psychology of humour and intercultural communication: laughing across borders

This course package blends the psychology of humour and intercultural communication, focusing on the cognitive, social and biological perspectives of humour and comedy and places them within the context of intercultural communication. Concepts are investigated within real life contexts and applied using a variety of self-reflective techniques.

Courses included:

  • Psychology of Humor | Irving K. Barber Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Intercultural Communication | Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies

Sociology of sport and social change

Examine the intimate connection between sport and society by reviewing and discussing various sociological perspectives. The course focuses on the issues, places and identities sport conveys and covers social issues including racism, gender, masculinity, representation, identity, globalization and sporting icons. The complementary curriculum will demonstrate how appropriately structured sport can lead to the development of essential life skills and positive youth development, focusing on learning and practice of mental performance skills and their transfer beyond sport, positive youth development through sport and working with the community to implement sport programming to address social vulnerability.

Courses included:

  • Sociology of Sports | Irving K. Barber Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Human Kinetics | Faculty of Health and Social Development

Global health leadership

Leaders in health care continue to be called upon to respond to inherently global health issues. Future leaders in healthcare organizations must be equipped with the knowledge and skills to make strategic and evidence-informed decisions.
This program aims to provide learners with the skills and knowledge necessary to be effective leaders within global healthcare organizations. Courses will focus on core concepts related to teamwork and leadership skills, management of change, strategic management, project management, program assessment, and data-informed decision-making.
These key global health concepts will be examined through the exploration of current exemplars in varied contexts, from Canadian urban, rural and remote communities to international communities. Participants will focus on a different theme each week that is designed to be a combination of classroom learning, simulation, and other experiential learning opportunities.

Courses included:

  • Health and Wellness | Faculty of Health and Social Development
  • Leadership and Data Analysis | Faculty of Management

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About UBC’s Okanagan campus

The University of British Columbia is a global centre for research and teaching, consistently ranked among the 40 best universities in the world. At UBC’s Okanagan campus, you gain all the benefits of attending a globally respected university while studying in a close-knit learning community.


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